Hey guys, sorry for the long hiatus but I'm finally back with a good news for my readers! For those who are following me on my IG or been reading my blog for awhile probably know that I've been planning to launch my own business this year and finally, it's here! Before I proceed to the giveaways rules and so on, I will be firstly do a short introduction for you guys on what LOVEABOX is all about. 

It's called LOVEABOX. After looking for various of names, we finally ended up with something simple just like the design of the box itself. Why LOVEABOX if you asked? The goal is to make sure it is not hard for you to love your box. Each of the items inside are carefully picked, packed and shipped with love. We will make sure every box will make you feel more beautiful and loved. Hence the "it's not hard to LOVEABOX" slogan is used. We also decided to call those who have purchased LOVEABOX from us as #blovers which basically stands as "box lovers" but to make it sound lovelier, it is also stands as "be one of the lovers".



LOVEABOX is a mysterious box which contains at least 3 full-sized kbeauty (kbeauty for now but we might add more!) items inside that available monthly in a very limited quantity. Items included inside are usually ranged from skincare, make-up, accessories and sometime a random mysterious item. The idea is to surprise you with what the contents are! It's like an early birthday gift for yourself! :) 


This giveaway is hosted by Rafflecopter. You may straight up join the giveaway here or join it from LOVEABOX's official website here.


1. You will have to be able share your personal informations (Full name, address and phone number) with us if you are the winner. 
2.  You must join this contest by using Rafflecopter. 
3. This giveaway is open internationally and we will bear all the shipping costs except custom/tax. 
4. Please make sure your e-mail is contactable so we can contact you if you’re the winner. If the winner fail to respond within 3 days, we will pick another winner.
5. The giveaway will be closed on December 18th, 2016 and we will announce the winner on the next day.
6. Follow all the rules, we will cancel your participation if you fail to follow any of the rules.
7. If you already purchased November to LOVEABOX but happened to be the winner, we will cancel your order and your money is guaranteed to be fully refunded.  


Feel free to pick any up to your liking! Or get creative and make your own banner! just make sure it will link to the giveaway and include “LOVEABOX Giveaway” on the banner. Make sure to include text "Open Internationally" below of the sidebar too.

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