Introducing my cats!


Hey guys, today post will be something different from the usual! I'll be introducing my two naughty cats to you guys in this post! I know most of you guys are reading my blog usually for my reviews but I do hope you guys don't mind me posting something else other than reviews. I thought it would be fun to write a post about my cats because I've a lot to talk about them! I know some of you do love cats right too right? tehee. Hope you guys will enjoy reading this post!

Where do I find my cats? 

I kept telling my mom that I want a cat but instead of buying a cat from the pet shop, I wanted to adopt one. Because I really wanted to adopt one, my mom actually brought home a stray cat that she found near the supermarket for me but the cat couldn't adapt to a new environment (it kept meowing wanting to go out and it was afraid of us) so we eventually had to return it back to the supermarket. lol. The second time,  the opposite of the situation we had before, some random stray cat kept trying to get in to our house so we let it in. It was a cute friendly cat, really friendly and wasn't afraid of us at all. We fed it but it kept meowing nonstop. We let it out because we thought it wanted to get out but then it kept meowing to get in back, lol. It turned out that she actually want to pee and poop and it probably wanted to pee/poop in a litter box that's why she kept meowing. The cat probably is someone else's cat because it is trained to pee/poop in a litter box. When my mom usually let it out from our house, it'll meow again wanting to get in but the last time my mom let it out, it didn't come back. I was upset because my mom let it out at first and I already get attached to it but then it probably for the better. I'm hoping it didn't come back because the cat already found its owner. My neighbor is a teacher and she's really busy so she couldn't take care of her cats. She knows that I'm looking for a cat to adopt so she told my mom she has two kittens that she couldn't take care of. My mom let me know about it and I was really happy. Like finally! I initially wanted to get only a cat but because they're siblings I felt bad of separating them so I decided to take care the two of them. My cats were around 1-2 months that time (they were really small and so cute ; o ; <3). That's how I find my cats, haha. It was hard to take care of them at first but then I'm really really glad that we take them in! 

What do I call my cats? 

I named them Miki and Hiro! Don't ask me how I got those names because I seriously don't know how I came up with those names, haha. Whenever I go to the vet, they keep writing Miki as Mickey and Hiro as Hero.... It's Miki (ミキ) and Hiro (ヒロ)! lol. At first we just called them "white" and "black", hahaha! I suggested a lot of names too but finally ended up with Mikihiro


Miki likes flowers a lot. She likes to play with my mom's mini sized plastic sunflowers. She'll carry it around by using her mouth then actually brings it to us. She'll meow after that to let people know that she brings flower lol. 
  • Miki bites especially your foot if you makes her mad
  • She has a really loud purring sound!!
  • She'll also keep meowing if she carries something on her mouth to show to us. 
  • She's my alarm! She always wakes me up (only me) to ask me to pet her.
  • Miki loves airconditioner! 
Doesn't Miki reminds you of oreo cake or a marshmallow? haha. Miki is a shy cat but she's better now! I used to think she doesn't like us petting her but it actually just because she was shy! (she still is tho! When we call her, she wants to come but she just stop and stare lol then when we actually stop calling, after one minute or so she finally comes). Before this she doesn't really come close to us at all and she had this princessy feels to her! lol. It was hard to approach her (she'll run away when we try to pet her). Miki is kind and she was a mature cat (yes she was a mature cat when she was hard to approach and still had her princessy side of her lol) but now after we found out that she's just shy, she's actually such a cutie pie! She actually gets jealous of Hiro very easily too! haha. She's still kind though, she always let Hiro eats first (we feed both of them at the same time but she always eat after Hiro is finished with his meal) and she'll let us pet Hiro instead of her. I'm not sure whether she does it sincerely for Hiro or it's just because Hiro likes to bully her ever since they're little so she's afraid of Hiro, lol. 

Miki reminds me of a white fox

It's really cute when she gets jealous of Hiro! Miki is a very clever cat too (idk why but I actually feel awkward calling them a cat sometimes even they're cats. They just feel like my little sister and brother, haha. Instead of pets, they're part of my loving family). There was one time when me and my mom was looking for Hiro (Hiro likes to hide when he's afraid of something), my mom was looking at downstair and I was about to go upstair to look for Hiro. We kept calling Hiro's name then Miki who was at downstair that time with my mom suddenly ran up to the upstair after hearing we kept calling Hiro's name so I followed her. She went straight behind our sofa that placed near the wall then she came out from behind the sofa. Soon after that, Hiro came out from behind the sofa too! She knew that we were looking for Hiro so she kinda showed to us that Hiro was behind of that sofa! I was quite surprised. After that I told my mom I that wanted to try to call Hiro's name again to see whether Miki will show me where Hiro's whereabout again so I kept calling Hiro's name after that but instead of showing me where Hiro was, she came close to me then she bit my arm! lol. It's like she bit me because she's mad that even she's near with me, I didn't pet and play with her but instead I'm looking for Hiro. Haha. Or it's because she knows I'm not looking for Hiro for real and just because I wanted to test her, haha. 

with her all time favorite toy

Recently Miki really hates it if I call Hiro's name! Instead of Hiro, she'll come when I call Hiro's name! lol. I know she's jealous of Hiro so one day she doesn't want to play when I was trying to play with her so I said to her "Miki if you don't want to play with me, I'll call Hiro's name. Hiro, Hiro, Hiro!~" then when she actually heard that, she started to play! lol. Ever since that, I like to tease her by calling Hiro's name. Sometime she'll meow too wanting me to stop calling Hiro's name, haha. If Miki doesn't want to play or she stops playing because she's already tired, I will call Hiro's name just to make she play. I'M SO EVIL, LOL. And this only works when I do it, not my brother or my mother! haha. I feel like Miki loves me the most, she only wakes me up and she only gets jealous when I call Hiro's name. I guess it's because she's close with me the most.

Miki is a really brave cat too.. but too brave.. My mom said she chased three dogs when my mom let her play outside.. Luckily my mom was around so the dogs ran away (not sure they're afraid of a big fat cat or just because my mom was around, haha). She isn't afraid of strangers too (unlike Hiro). Instead of being afraid of them, she gets along well with our guests.


Hiro is very talk-active! He really loves to talk ;- when he want to call us, when he's hungry, when he wants us to pet him, when he wants to go out, when he has to go to his litter box and when he's mad if we annoys him, lol.
  • Hiro really really likes to be pampered.
  • Hiro has an addiction with my brother's socks. It's very mysterious. It's like catnip to him... //laughs
  • Hiro knows how to open door very well. Once he opened the door when my brother was taking shower. That day I saw something I shouldn't had.. but I had a great laugh! haha.
If Miki reminds me of something sweet, Hiro reminds me of a lion. I really like the colors of his fur! I like his "birthmarks" on his nose and around his mouth too. Miki wakes me up but Hiro wakes my mom up if my mom still doesn't wake up even after the alarm has rung, lol. He'll keep meowing nonstop until my mom wakes up. This past 2 days Hiro has been waking me up too! He wakes me up waaaay earlier than Miki. Miki knows how to stop if I won't wake up but not Hiro. Hiro will keep meowing until you wake up.... OTL.. Hiro has the longest meow (it sounds like "meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa") too, lol. It's seriously long. Unlike his name which people often mistaken as (hero), he acts the opposite. He's a coward, lol. Not sure if it's my fault because I surprised him big time when he was still a kitten or what but he's really afraid of a lot of things. He's afraid of strangers (he'll hide whenever people he doesn't know come to our house) and he's afraid of loud noises too. Hiro acts tough all the time but he's a /scaredy cat/. Well I guess that isn't something too weird for a cat to get scared of but Miki isn't afraid of those at all.

It's hard to take photos of Miki but it's extremely easy for Hiro! Miki moves around a lot so it's hard to capture. Most pictures of Miki I've are when she's sleeping, lol. Hiro is really photogenic! He knows how to pose well too. Sometimes he looks straight away at the camera lens Good job, Hiro! Hiro likes to bully Miki a lot! Ever since they were small Hiro bullies Miki a lot. Most of the time Miki just sits there daydreaming and then there comes Hiro suddenly runs to Miki then bites her neck.. Miki actually is stronger and bigger than Hiro but she always let Hiro wins except when Hiro really pisses her off (because most of the time it's Hiro who starts the fight!), she will fight with all her might then Hiro will get scared and then started to get angry to Miki by 'screaming' to Miki, lol. 

Hiro who conquers all your places

Who's the naughtiest between the two of them? The answer is Hiro! He's like a spiderman, except that... he's a spidercat (cough lol sorry). He likes to climb high places then he'll cry wanting to get down.. like seriously.. why do you even climb up there if you want to get down soon after that, Hiro? Then he'll be afraid to get down even with my help too.. He just loves high places! I should get him a cat tower one day. Hiro really really likes to be pampered too, he's just like a small baby who keeps crying asking for attention, asking for people to love and pet him. He's just an adorable small boy. He loves to sit on my lap. He'll keeps crying until you give him attention. Hiro's favorite sleeping places are inside of the bathroom and behind the door but sometimes he's basically everywhere (on my bed, my chair, behind the curtain and so on lol). 

Hiro strange addiction to my brother's socks is unknown. lol. Once my mom carries him upstair because it's sleeping time and we were surprised to see he brought along my bro's sock... If Miki is close with me the most, Hiro is close with my mom the most. He's a mummy's boy, haha. 

some bonus photos! 


What my cats have in common?

  1. People often ask, "do your cat bites?" the answer is yes. Hahaha. But both of them likes to bite especially foot when they're mad or if we annoys them. 
  2. They're a very picky eater. They don't like wet food much.
  3. They both love blanket. 
  4. They love to play outdoor.
  5. They'll come if you call their names (unless when they're both playing outdoor.. it's just hard to make them come back home..) and Hiro usually answers when you call him. 
  6. Both of them dislike their bath time.. 

Thank you for reading! Can you guess what are Miki and Hiro's weights? haha. To those who are reading this, do you have any pets at home? If so, what your pets are like? Are they a very picky eater like mine too? If you don't mind, show me a picture of your pets in the comment section below or tell me what your pets are like! 

P/S >> To those who have any pets in their home right now, please do take care of them with lots of love! Give them attention at least once a day. Treat them like another family member instead of a 'pet'. To those who are planning to have a pet, make sure you're ready for a lifetime commitment. You've to take them to the vet if they're sick and it doesn't cost you a few bucks. You need to give them proper vaccinations too. You need to have time for them too. If you want a pet just because they're cute, please think again. Don't abuse animals. Thank you!

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