{ HAUL } Aesop + COSRX + eSpoir + random stuffs

aesop, イソップ, cosrx, haul, espoir, etude house, line friends, xxzyro

Hey guys! If you guys have been following me on my Instagram (here : xxzyro /selfpromotes) you guys probably already saw my hauls before but yeah I know not all of my readers do follow me on my Instagram plus I rarely update my blog so I decided to share with you guys on my blog too! Really sorry for the lack of updates.. Idk, I have been enjoying life and blogging was kinda out of my life for quite awhile.. I always try to come back to blog more but then I forget my New Year's resolution (which is to blog more) again and again, OTL. Really am sorry for the lack of updates once again.. So yeah anyway, let's start with the haul post! :>


aesop, イソップ, cosrx, haul, espoir, etude house, line friends
  • Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser 200ml | $73.83 SGD
  • Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Facial Toner 200ml | $81.31 SGD
  • Aesop Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream 60ml | $58.88 SGD
  • Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm 75ml | $34.58 SGD
I got myself some Aesop's products! I got them online from Aesop Singapore because the stores are quite far from my place and this might be weird to some people but am I the only one like scared to enter expensive stores that look too aesthetic to enter (just like Aesop's store lol)? lol. Idk why but I feel like I don't have much freedom to look around and feel much more comfortable to buy them online.. lol. This is actually my first time trying Aesop and Aesop is one of the expensive skincare brands that I've tried. The cleanser and toner is the most expensive cleanser and toner that I've bought and I wondered if it's going to worth it but I was like "I'm going to try this brand at least once before I die" lol. I seriously bought them without much thinking and doing much researches just because the packagings are too /aesthetic/ for me to pass by. I know that's something not really good to do but I feel like if buying them makes me feel happy why not once in a while? lol.. But tbh, I did feel a bit guilty buying them because I'm actually trying to shop less makeups, skincare, clothes and things I don't need because I'm saving up for my trip to Japan. I currently am trying out the Aesop's products (haven't tried the hand balm yet tho) and I'm actually happy with my purchases! really am loving the cleanser the most so far and really delighted with how lightweight the hydrating cream is! :D Definitely a review material! Going to review them once I've finished using! 

COSRX + Random Stuffs

aesop, イソップ, cosrx, haul, espoir, etude house, line friends

I've been wanting to try COSRX's products since forever but couldn't because had products to finish :/ Totally glad that I finally able to try them out tho! Ran out of my sunblock too (totally need a sunblock) so I repurchased my all time favorite sunblock from eSpoir. Random but thought the heating eye mask from Etude looks interesting so I decided to get it too. Got two earphones as well for my spare part lol.. I don't think most of you know but I play games on PS4 like everyday (lol) and this earphone is actually my favorite one. It was cheap (they raised the price ; A ; ) but the sound quality is great and the mic is good too (I talk to my friends when I'm gaming or I do a livestream on Youtube here ; selfpromote again) but the only problem is it's quite fragile and usually I can't use it anymore after one year (no more sound coming out from the earphone lol). I swear it's quite hard to find an earphone that you don't have to plug it inside of your ear (is it called in ear earphone? lol) that has mic with it so I've been sticking with this brand for years. I totally prefer something like Apple Earpods. Btw, isn't that LINE Brown Bin too cute? ; A ; omg, I swear it's too cute to pass by. lol. There goes my $10 to a cute mini trash bin. lol. 


aesop, イソップ, cosrx, haul, espoir, etude house, line friends
  • COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid
  • COSRX AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid
  • COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad
  • COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad
I'm trying out the COSRX's products too and omg, I'm really liking the results so far! My skin's texture definitely becomes so much smoother even just after one use *o* (the moisture up pad!) Another brands that I'm really glad for giving them a try! No wonder there are so much raves on COSRX's products like everywhere on the internet (although the results aren't pleasant to some people). Really liking how it's convenient to use the pads whenever I'm lazy, haha. I do recommend to check them out (especially the pads!). 

LINE Brown Bin

Got this cute bin from GMarket and not only Brown, there is Sally and Cony too! It cost me around $10 and you can check it out here if you're interested on getting one. The material they used is really good and it looks very sturdy (and of course very cute!). 

So that's it for my recent haul! I thought I actually am growing up this year because I didn't buy much skincare/makeups because of the packagings (lol) but yeah... I failed this time. OTL. But at least! I feel like thanks to my plan to go to Japan, I am now on my way on becoming a smart spender! (I hope so! lol). Because of my upcoming trip to Japan, I probably won't spend much on makeups this year and that means the possibility of lack of posts from me increases too (well it's not like I post regularly to begin with either ^^" sorry). But the good news is, I'll try to blog about my trip to Japan and I'm actually thinking to start doing a vlog too! I've been thinking to become a vlogger this year but I'm not sure yet when to start.. and I'm also not even sure if there'll be people out there going to watch my vlogs, lol.. Another bad news is.. I can't go to Japan alone, my family and bf won't let me so I have to go with a friend. I'm done with saving up the money for my trip but I still have to wait for my friend.. I'm planning to go at the end of this year because I kinda promised to my bf but my friend might can't go with me if it's this year (she suddenly remembers that she still has student loan to pay) so I might have to wait for her. I don't want to rush my friend and I kinda promised to my bf so if I can go alone that might be a better option but yeah ^^" Still don't know how it'll goes.. sorry for the little rant! Hope everyone's is having a good day! Thanks for reading <3


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